Rental Management Service

Furnished Flats will be your eyes and ears in Berlin. Let us deal with the small, time-intensive details and
property administration, so that you don’t have to!
Our rental management service package includes:

  • Showing your apartment to prospective tenants
  • Signing rental contracts on your behalf
  • Collecting security deposits and rental payments
  • Transferring rental payments to your bank account
  • Checking your apartment after the tenants leave and arrange for final cleaning
  • Preparing your apartment for the next tenant

We also offer administrative services, such as:

  • Registration for electricity, gas, housemanagementfee and internet
  • Correspondence with house management companies
  • Cleaning services for tenants
  • Organizing housholder insurance
  • Repair services (as needed)

We work together with experienced agents, lawyers, tax advisors, insurance companies and handymen.
We will always keep you informed and updated on your apartment. We will provide you with reliable and
professional service that you can count on.